Audience Sovereignty

Business owners around the world have been freaked out about Social Media. There is this scary buzz in business management communities about silencing the audience, suing them when they turn on you,  and the delusion of "controlling the message" of the masses. But marketers forgot something along the way... The audience has a voice, and your brand is owned by the customer. You may say, "But social media is a new thing, and this is the first … [Read more...]

With So Many Ideas, Where Do You Start?

Directional Marker for South Pole & Stewart Island in New Zealand

STEP 1 As a starting point, one great piece of advice I received about ten years ago came from a quasi successful man in his sixties. He said, "Make sure you write down all of your ideas. Make a journal of your daily thoughts, ideas, and activities; you will be amazed at what you come up with." I haven't been religious about the daily journal, but the times I have more than proved the worth. Human brains are definitely powerful memory-storing … [Read more...]

Crowdfunded Solar

CrowdSolar Logo

So I'd feel silly not posting about what Matt, Pat and I have been spending tons of hours working on the past few weeks: a business plan we have called CrowdSolar. I've had this ideas stuck in my head for the past three years or so and its really needed to come to life. Here is the thought more or less: The Idea Crowdsolar allows the average person to invest in solar while providing building owners with the opportunity to generate electricity … [Read more...]

Living Life to the Fullest – The McConkey Legacy

When I think about home (Lake Tahoe), living life to the fullest and not taking life too seriously, there is no person that stands out in my mind more than Shane McConkey. And if you've ever heard of Shane, you can never listen to Juke Box Hero without thinking about an awesome day of skiing. I never met Shane McConkey, but like so many others his story and his life have had a profound impact on me. I recently watched a small youtube … [Read more...]

Lessons of a Grandfather

Grandma and Grandpa Foster on their Wedding Day

Don't take life too seriously. Laugh at yourself for the silly things you get mad about. Enjoy what you have today. I'm reminded of a story about a young man visiting his grandfather. Grandpa loved and cherished his late wife; she was his strength, his light in the dark, his life-long buddy, his bride. Grandpa had an intricate vase given in memory of Grandma which he kept full of fresh flowers in in memory of his vibrant wife. While sitting … [Read more...]

Go to Work Late

Steve Herr in fake Powder Magazine

There is little success where there is little laughter. - Andrew Carnegie Today's working world is all about work-life integration; I want the flexibility to do what I want when I want. There is no sense in our minds about why we should have to stick to that structured 8-5 job; it really doesn't make sense and we are not okay with doing something just because it has always been done that way. This is the age of why where I want to have a … [Read more...]

What defines you?

Kurt, Megan, Alice, et al.

Do the best that you can at whatever job you are given. Simple advice of a father and the most meaningful sentence I have kept in my head all these years. I wrote a few weeks ago about being focused IN what you are doing (as opposed to upon it) for every moment. It is not an easy task or ask. It is one thing to perform when you know your expectations, the goal in mind, the audience, and you like the thought of what you are about to do; play a … [Read more...]