The Fiery Blaze of Entrepreneurship

Daniel Herr with a bike a sunset on Stewart Island in New Zealand

One metaphor I have encountered is that entrepreneurship is a contagious fire with every successful flame infecting the desire for a burning blaze of entrepreneurship around it. All eventually burn off, and the first flames have the hardest work to do, but each fuels the heat of the fire and makes it possible for the blaze to burn hotter as long as their is a chimney to escape, fuel to burn, and fresh air to feed upon. That flame of … [Read more...]

Fall Down 7 Times, Stand Up 8

"Fall down 7 times, stand up 8" - Japanese Proverb Determination is the key. Seeking and never giving up. Being creative and finding a way. If you want something bad enough there is no excuse for anything short of making it happen. In January I gave a presentation in New Orleans where I emphasized "Guerilla Marketing for yourself." Many people refer to Guerilla Marketing in an annoynomous hacker, secret organization, crazy, "I don't know … [Read more...]

10,000 Days, One Thing

Andrew Herr jumping on the golf course at Martis Camp with Sunset in Tree

If I could give you one thing of value out of this post it would be: If you want to get something done and you are serious about it, write it down, post it on your mirror, and look at it every day. (Or stick it on a note in your wallet. Make it the unavoidable mission in front of you.) This year I will be hitting my 10,000th day in this world; one crazy thought. In another 10,000 I will be just shy of 55 years old. It never seems like there is … [Read more...]

Freedom from Fear of Failure

Graham Millie Driving down the lane for Truckee Basketball

"Game time t minus 2 hours. #runtostate" - 7pm 17-Feb I spent the last few years coaching boys high school basketball in Truckee and Reno and honestly I don't know that anything could be a greater honor and pleasure. The boys that I taught the fundamentals as their junior varsity and club coach for two years just played the last basketball game of their high school careers and lost 42-34 only scoring one basket in the last 2:30 of the game. … [Read more...]


We are in the midst of a paradigm shift, a metaphysical transformation, a change in the way we see and interact with each other an the world. The rise of the "new king" ideas, a new viral mindset that will not be overcome. I've dreamt of my house among and a part of the forest, my bed among the trees. I've seen the winds that whip, blowing off the tops of the tallest evergreens. The fire that surrounds and only a fortunate few live to tell the … [Read more...]

Dan Herr on Facebook

Dan Herr's Facebook Page

In case you are looking to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, or otherwise, here is my social media directory (points of contact):  Dan Herr on Facebook  Dan Herr on Twitter Dan Herr on LinkedIn Dan Herr on Google +  Dan Herr on YouTube  Dan Herr on Vimeo Dan Herr on Pinterest  Dan Herr's RSS Feed … [Read more...]


I have transitioned to for the time being and a new blog at Please feel free to browse my old blog at while I get this one going. Thank you for reading my blog - Daniel S. Herr … [Read more...]