Dear Logan (by my sister Karah)

Great post by my little sister down in New Zealand about our Cousin Logan. Love you Sis. … [Read more...]


Logan Daniel Herr

Cuz... If I could tell you one thing, I would tell you that you are loved more than you know. If we could talk once more, I would remind you how proud I am of everything you've done. How proud I am of how hard you work, of how committed and steadfast you are, of how great it is to have you around, and how you're going to grow up to be so much cooler than your big cousin. If I could see you once more, I wouldn't miss your last baseball game. If we … [Read more...]

Let The Avalanche of Action Flow Through You

Instead of filling your life with other people's stories, gossip, news and social media; fill life with your own stories of action. I encourage you to find and bless the world with your unique value of creation... your creativity, your perspective and your passion shared with the world for the benefit of all, yourself included. Listen in the stead of talking. Walk the talk to let your voice be heard through others. The sound of one rock rolling … [Read more...]