Are MBA’s a Waste of Time for Engineers?

What society thinks I do, what my former coworkers think I do, what my friends think I do, what my parents think I do, what I think I do, what I really do

I know the feeling, wanting to get out of the monotonous routine, get out from the cubicle, and get away from your boring boss that has been working for the firm for 30 years. I've been there and I am seeing more and more that many engineers get that same itch. That need to use the other half of your brain, to engage that creative nature that has been suppressed. The desire to act on a vision, build with your hands, mix it up, do what feels … [Read more...]

Think Social Media is Stupid? You’re Going To Lose.

Think Social Media doesn't matter? ... Well you're dead wrong. Allow me to give you a personal example of why you can't afford to ignore Social Media... "If you're in the group that thinks twitter is stupid you are going to lose." - Erik Deckers (06-Mar-2012 in Skype conversation) On the 12th of February, 2012 my fiancée and I had a nice bit of wine tasting over at the Wild River Grill and figured we'd give Campo another go, since it was … [Read more...]