Inbound Marketing Cliffnotes for Business

Dan’s Social Media & Inbound Marketing Cliffnotes Keys to making social media work for your business I have read 6 books about Social Media, Personal Branding and Inbound marketing over the past two years and I thought it might be helpful to provide you with a super-condensed “cliffnotes” version I recently compiled: Be Social. Listen. Communication is a two-way street The real key is it’s not about being ON … [Read more...]


Logan Daniel Herr

Cuz... If I could tell you one thing, I would tell you that you are loved more than you know. If we could talk once more, I would remind you how proud I am of everything you've done. How proud I am of how hard you work, of how committed and steadfast you are, of how great it is to have you around, and how you're going to grow up to be so much cooler than your big cousin. If I could see you once more, I wouldn't miss your last baseball game. If we … [Read more...]

Even Reno Landscape Companies Kill it with Social Media Marketing!

"We sold $150,000 in one day though, can you believe that?" - Small-time Reno Landscape Guy Social Media Marketing isn't just for the chic & trendy businesses anymore. This morning I must have walked in on good 'ol boys landscaping industry meeting at Starbucks. Okay it was definitely nothing official but four guys from different landscaping companies were definitely having coffee together this morning... Collusion in Landscaping … [Read more...]

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In case you are looking to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, or otherwise, here is my social media directory (points of contact):  Dan Herr on Facebook  Dan Herr on Twitter Dan Herr on LinkedIn Dan Herr on Google +  Dan Herr on YouTube  Dan Herr on Vimeo Dan Herr on Pinterest  Dan Herr's RSS Feed … [Read more...]