Dear Logan (by my sister Karah)

Great post by my little sister down in New Zealand about our Cousin Logan. Love you Sis.


(I recently had one of my little Cousins die. It was very unexpected, and I could not be with my family for the ceremonies. I still want them to know how much I care. Here is a little something I wrote with some pictures to remember him… read until the very end.)

Dear Cuz,

            You know those things that you never really like to tell anyone? Those things you like to keep secret? Well one of those things for me was my admiration and love for my family. I have loved them no matter what the situation. I have always thought of the heart as a special object, for everyone. The only thing is that I believe the heart is more than just an object you give away to someone, or a thing that gives you feeling. I believe that the heart is a vessel, which allows you to…

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