We are in the midst of a paradigm shift, a metaphysical transformation, a change in the way we see and interact with each other an the world. The rise of the “new king” ideas, a new viral mindset that will not be overcome.

I’ve dreamt of my house among and a part of the forest, my bed among the trees. I’ve seen the winds that whip, blowing off the tops of the tallest evergreens. The fire that surrounds and only a fortunate few live to tell the tale. A meeting of the minds among the ashes to deliberate upon what we have done, an election and group decision about our fate going forward.

There was a dream of change some thought would be fulfilled by a new president, an Arab Spring, an uprising and a conquering of what we believed held us down. Victory at last! Only to realize our end was really a beginning; that the change that needs to occur is within. We found that we cannot affect change if we have not changed ourselves. We have a need and a desire to become individual heros while we debate about it and wander in circles. We sit on the couch wondering how; how will I know where to start?

But change cannot be wishful thinking: I think it, therefor it will be. Thoughts do not automatically dictate action; they have to permeate the collective subconscious first, they have to become deep thoughts; experience dictates that infallible belief. I’ve said and done what I said and believed over and over, I know that “I am.”

I love this video: Yosemite HD from Project Yosemite on Vimeo.

I believe in being a change agent through action only; being thrown into the fire and failing quickly when you do only to stand up, dust yourself off and retred a new direction as necessary. My role in this world is to help you be that change, to seize life by the horns, open your mind to the world of possibilities, and show you that you are powerful beyond measure. My goal is to help you step off of that cliff into the water with your own willpower and show you that there is support beneath the surface. The future is what you make of it and today is the first day of the rest of our lives.

I intend to blog about conquering yourself, searching for truth, refocusing on what matters and building the balanced life we all desire.

Thank you for reading my blog – Daniel S. Herr.
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