Fall Down 7 Times, Stand Up 8

“Fall down 7 times, stand up 8”
– Japanese Proverb

Determination is the key. Seeking and never giving up. Being creative and finding a way. If you want something bad enough there is no excuse for anything short of making it happen.

Gorilla gazing
Source: Meys Sebastian via NGM.com

In January I gave a presentation in New Orleans where I emphasized “Guerilla Marketing for yourself.” Many people refer to Guerilla Marketing in an annoynomous hacker, secret organization, crazy, “I don’t know who did it” sense; but then again, that’s the key. Do something so different and unique that people want to learn more about you. Capture their interest. Besides, it ‘ain’t all about you.

When you have a purpose, being unconventional can be a very effective means of getting where you want to be. The fact of the matter is that the “traditional” means of generations past are today’s lie. That lie of paying your dues, going to college, applying through traditional means (application, résumé, phone call, interview) and getting a standard 9-5 don’t work in today’s world. Succeeding today requires doing things unconventionally with a purpose. Personally, I have always had an extreme issue with tradition for the sake of tradition, even family tradition. Why do something just to do it? Why do something because it is how things have always been done? What you should do is use your creative genius and your own two legs to market yourself in the most cost effective means possible. The true definition of Guerilla Marketing is using low-cost unconventional means to get noticed.

One of the simplest means is one that I have used for every job that I have every had; find companies and ideas that pique your interest, tell the owner (or whomever you can get a hold of) that you have read about them, like the idea and would love the opportunity to hear more about the idea. Find a way to get in front of them by engaging them with one of their interests. People like to talk about themselves and brag about their successes; be willing to listen. Be persistent, but sensitive; and be genuinely curious and intrigued.

This is an article that was written about my style in the Reno News and Review. I am not saying it right for you, but the point is to be unconventional and you’ll get noticed:

“When Daniel Herr was trying to get a job… he didn’t go banging on their door with his résumé…

“…He gently knocked, asking a few questions about them, just out of curiosity.

“…He learned about their work researching, designing and installing wind, solar and solar thermal systems.

“…Then, as people do in such conversations, they asked Herr about himself.”

My approach may not always be right; in fact I am wrong many times per day. Regardless of how I am pushed and how I am wrong, every time I get knocked down, I stand back up. As long as you stand up more times than you have been knocked down, you are still standing. Cool concept hunh 🙂

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