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Life to me is not a zero-sum game – both of us can win. My business goals are profitability, sustainability and growth through empowering the people who surround me, challenging the status quo, and relentlessly pursuing success. Personally I also push for finding my answers to life’s biggest questions. Here I share my meditations, lessons learned and musings around success in business, innovation, tech, private equity, consciousness, space-time, physics, the great outdoors and my time in Tahoe, Reno, New York, New Zealand and San Francisco in the hopes that my thoughts will encourage conversation, that all of us might learn and grow personally and professionally. In all cases I welcome and ask for your comments and questions.

Obviously as life evolves, so does my blog – but certain things remain constant: I believe in focused, gritty, long-term hard work to achieve success. I believe life is fundamentally a series of choices we receive as a gift in the midst of an environment mostly outside of our control. You may choose to be any number of things, but I choose determined and perpetual optimist. I prioritize life-balance and grit, sustained health through recreation, and knowledge by direct experience. I choose to fail many, many, many times and share as many of my lessons as possible, for what is life but a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the human condition? 🙂

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I welcome your questions, thoughts, comments, critiques, and words of wisdom

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