Nevada’s Defeatist Mentality

Have you ever played a sports game where you knew you were the lesser opponent? Walked into a room and said, I’m going to blow this. Welcome to Nevada and the purvasive mindset of “things are worse here than anywhere else, and no one cares about us.”

Somewhere along the way our poker-playing, horse-back riding, gold mining, gambling frontier ways fed us into a drunken stupor of regret and despair. Defeated before the game begins. A victim of the times justifying excuses and blaming one another. A lack of commitment and responsibility; soft on ourselves. Enough is enough.

Sure times have been tough; tougher than the lucky-go-easy Bill-Clinton 90’s with an economy built upon building a bigger economy… but the greatest work comes from the hardest struggle. No one tells stories of how easy life is or how they toppled the weakest opponent; stories are of the legendary battles of the disrespected underdog and the outcast champion. I encourage you to watch this youtube video that I could not embed (Let me show you how great I am). The one below isn’t too shabby either:


I lived on the East Coast for college where if I was from Nevada, I must be near Vegas, if I was from California, I must be a surf bum on the OC, if I was from Reno, I must be arrested daily by those idiots on Reno 911. We need to share the stories of how great life is and can be in Nevada. The people that haven’t been here don’t know the story. You think Nevada has it bad? How about Detroit? They remind us that it’s hottest fires that make the hardest steel:


All that is truly needed is a change in the mindset here in Nevada. The choice is not the decision, the choice is to choose. The choice is “I know pros and cons and I freely choose.” Just choose period. Choose in your mind to get off your but and share what is great about Nevada. I think I just chose to start a blog about what is great in Northern Nevada…

Author: Dan Herr

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