Video Post: Get the Funk Out

Rough Transcript

This video is about getting yourself out of a rut. This video is not for everyone, but for some there are times in life when it feels like you’re just going through the motions, going to the same job via the same rout, running the rat-race, sitting in the same cubicle and “farting in the same chair,” as some might say. There can be times when life loses that excitement and you don’t know how to reinvigorate yourself. You see people around your doing great things with their life, accomplishing things that feel beyond your grasp. You may not know how to push through.

Well the answer is baby steps. Start by doing a little something to make the mind think today. Throw a curveball into your life. Go somewhere different. Shop at a new grocery store, take a different route home. Change it up.

Taking those little baby steps will serendipitously begin to turbo charge the mind. You might stir up old memories, rediscover a passion, meet a new special person, who knows.   Take some time, do a little bit of urban exploring. Make some time. I am sure that will help get you out of your funk. Happiness is a choice; make the choice to push yourself in the right direction and you will be surprised at how much more you are capable of.

Author: Dan Herr

catalyst. tech geek. ENG & MBA. tahoe raised. helping @CastleCrowCo. been @ProjectVesto, @CleanEnergyCtr, @MartisCamper, & @Cornell I invite you to visit my personal blog or connect with me @DanHerr on Twitter.

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