7 Steps to Creating An Epic Bestman Toast

Epic Bestman Groomsman Toast

I’ve delivered a number of passionate speeches in my life, and have never had an ounce of nerves in my body, but sometimes it is extremely difficult to find the perfect combination of words the describe the best dudes in your life. After hours and hours of research, thinking, writing, practicing and rewriting I came up with a simple, to-the-point and killer toast that brought down the house, so why not share it – maybe it will be of use to you:

1.) Briefly and generally thank everyone who made it possible:

Firstly, I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who has been a part of making today happen and putting together this beautiful wedding around Amanda and Andrew.

2.) Introduce yourself if MC failed to (chances are they will f* something up):

As you probably know, I’m Dan and I have the distinct honor to serve as the Best Man and deliver a toast to what is most truly the most beautiful couple, on their wedding day.

3.) Compliment Groom and/or both of them in a way that explains your relationship and provides some color for folks who may not know him/them as well:

I don’t know how much you all know my little brother, and my family, but my little brosif can dance. And he can jump, he can backflip, double backflip and gainer. This sucker can ski like no other. He can compete at basketball, soccer, tennis, golf, football you name it – against the best of them. My brother will see what you do then knocks it out of the park.

4.) Pour on some mild self-deprecation, references to other people in the audience and humor (ideally with some sort of cultural reference so the whole crowd feels pulled in and laughs)

I’m pretty sure when my parents decided to give me a little brother, they had a conversation that went a little bit like this:

God looked at me and then my parents and said: “Nancy. Steve. We have the technology. We can build him better, stronger, faster, and more aerodynamic. And we’ll give him a download of every Michael jackson move by the time he’s 3.”

5.) Bring it back to heartfelt and say something about why they are perfect for each other (reference the Bride)

But in all seriousness, what I mean to say by all of that is that my brother succeeds at anything he puts his heart to, and Amanda, from the moment he met you, his heart has been set on a lifetime with you.

6.) Welcome her to the family

I am thrilled beyond belief to have such a wonderfully talented new sister and I am looking forward to building a lifetime of memories with both of you.

7.) Wrap it up and don’t forget to propose a toast drink-in-hand:

A toast: to the bride and groom, to two amazing families brought together by them, and to a lifetime of new memories with new family.

That’s a wrap. If you keep it simple and to the point and follow my formula, I guarantee you will crush it. At the end of the day, everyone wants you to crush it as the Best Man, and even if you don’t, just toast to a lifetime of happiness together and you will have nailed it.

Best of luck!


Author: Dan Herr

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