Know the Why? Then the Rules Don’t Matter!

I urge you to go through life with purpose
and consider your ‘why’ in daily actions;
perhaps someday your ‘why’ will become the rule.

You’ve heard the phrase, Rules were meant to be broken. Well consider this, rules were made to protect people that don’t understand the why (protect people from themselves). Once you understand the why behind your actions, the rule is null and void.

In my humble opinion there is no rule that is universal: there are generalities, but there is always an exception. As a kid your entire life depended on rules:

  • You’re not allowed to watch TV after 10 am. Why? Because
  • No shoes on the couch!
  • Never get in the car with a strangers.
  • No running by the pool!
  • The 10 Commandments
  • Even rules of physics: Everything that goes up must come down…

… under the right conditions.

These rules were fantastic life-savers when you were obedient; you didn’t know why and your parents didn’t want to take the time to explain everything. “Don’t question me boy; just do as I say.”

I know I’m dreaming here, but wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could live without rules? If we could operate as healthy and effective societies without the need of remembering arbitrary numbers, directions and instructions? If everyone understood the why, there would be no need for rules and exceptions; simply logic and reason. But alas this thought makes one large mistaken argument that all people are logical, and think before they act.

But what I am suggesting for those logical beings out there is a mindful approach to consider how you might act. Have the forethought to consider consequences and respect others. If you are considerate and thoughtful about your actions, you shouldn’t have to remember arbitrary rules.  Rules are human nature, we made them up to describe generalities, and they do a pretty good job all in all. But some day there will be a completely new set of rules. Rules that fit the new order of logic. Rules were literally made to be broken when you understand the why. I urge you to go through life with purpose and consider your why in daily actions; perhaps someday your why will become the rule.

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Author: Dan Herr

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